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The Global Frontline Nurses staged a protest on Capitol Hill in January. They asserted that the government kept fraud and the pandemic's details a secret. In addition, they asserted that hospitals had misled the public over the pandemic. Although the Global Frontline Nurses do not speak for the Manitoba Nurses Union, their actions imply that they do not have Canadian patients' best interests in mind. The organization has a webpage where people can donate to their mission.

The shortage of resources is one of the problems affecting frontline nurses. The lack of resources makes it challenging to give the sick the best care possible. A lack makes the endeavor more challenging sufficient supplies, medications, and workforce. However, nurses strongly feel compelled to protect their patients' well-being. In addition, their company's culture impacts how committed they are to their careers.

A Canadian division of the Global Frontline Nurses organization was established in 2017. It was published roughly a year before Canadian Frontline Nurses. A group of Ontario-based nurses founded it. Among them are Sarah Choujounian, a certified practical nurse, and Kristen Nagle, a nurse in the newborn critical care unit. The organization's website offers diet advice and healthy dish ideas.

The Global Frontline Nurses organization also planned the event. Following their attendance at the march in Washington, DC, two Ontario nurses are the subject of an investigation by the province's nursing regulatory body. They erroneously claimed that hospitals were concealing information regarding the severity of the infection and making unsupported assertions about fraud and pandemic deception. The College of Nurses is presently looking into both ladies.

Nurses face various difficulties in their role as the system's first line of defense. They must deliver top-notch patient care while avoiding getting sick. They must also prepare for a outbreak or another disease that could strain healthcare services. Personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies must be used; they must ensure. They should also offer details about screening, confinement policies, and triage procedures based on the most recent recommendations.

For frontline nurses, these accounts are helpful debriefing resources. They might also provide understanding and support for other frontline nurses participating in international public health events. Online nurse professional support groups are crucial for frontline nurses to comprehend these experiences. In addition, they are a valuable resource for figuring out how to promote the health and wellness of the workforce.

The Canadian Frontline Nurses have also planned several actions in Canada in opposition to using vaccine passports. The Nurses warned against "anti-public health" misinformation and told Canadians that they would utilize science to defend themselves while expressing their worries about the vaccine passport program.

The two nurses are members of the nursing community in Ontario and have been highlighted in American media. Both nurses have recently taken part in anti-mask demonstrations. Nagle, a staff member at the LondonĀ Health Sciences Center, was accused of breaking Ontario legislation and might be prosecuted. She was later let go.

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