Kathryn Lynn Trammel

Kathryn Lynn Trammel

Kathryn Lynn Trammel has always been a multi-talented health professional. She started her career as a registered nurse, and soon became an ICU travel nurse. She helps to manage operations in COVID/medical, surgical, trauma, neurology, and cardiac intensive care units.

“I have become proficient in hemodynamic monitoring, and titration of critical care drips.”, Kathryn explains. “I am continually working alongside all hospital disciplines to achieve the best outcome for each patient. And I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to advance critical care skills and knowledge.”

Kathryn is an avid movie-goer; her favorites are The Equalizer, Clue, and What About Bob? She also enjoys all types of music - but her favorite is from the 80s! When she's not at work saving lives, Kathryn loves trying out new foods - especially if they're cooked in her Air Fryer!

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